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A characteristic of conference is the stable video feed and sound quality. Using your smartphones, you can be connected anytime, anywhere.
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Recognized globally with numerous awards

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V-CUBE’s Web conferencing and TV conferencing are recognised for their sophisticated functions and high quality. We have received certifications and awards from various domestic and international organizations such as 5th Cloud Ranking.
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Effective videoconferencing solutions provided by V-CUBE not only help you achieve cost reduction on business traveling, it also helps you save on expenses related to business travel such as accommodation and miscellaneous traveling expenses, which amount to a significant sum. By incorporating our cloud-based video and web conferencing services, you will get to enjoy large cost savings.

V-cube’s web conferencing service, V-CUBE Meeting, has maintained #1* market share for eight consecutive years in the ASP market for web conferencing in Japan. With its rich variety of functions, which includes document and screen sharing, our web conferencing service can be applied to many more different communication scenarios than videoconferencing systems with fixed equipment. The initial installation for web conferencing is also a much more convenient and quicker process.
*Source: Seed Planning, Inc. (2015 Video Conferencing/Web Conferencing/Audio Conferencing/Latest market trend for UC-related products)

Cloud service is a system which allows the use of services via the internet anytime you would like at an affordable monthly charge. Out of all the companies using video/web conferencing services on cloud in Japan, more than 30% are using V-CUBE’s video/web conferencing system, V-CUBE Meeting.

Time is a precious commodity. Video/web conferencing services do away with unnecessary travel. Our effective and comprehensive conferencing solutions, which include HD web and videoconferencing, enable more effective use of time, so tasks that could not be easily settled before can now be easily settled.

Everybody is familiar with the scenario of urgently needing to speak with a higher-up but cannot do so because they are away on business. With a HD web or videoconferencing system powered on a cloud platform that is utterly reliable and a stable internet-enabled environment, however, you will be able to outdo your rivals with timely approvals and decision-making!