Hokkaido Sapporo Medical Case Study

Client Hokkaido Sapporo Medical Case Study
Solution V-CUBE Meeting (DCM)
Project details DCM Incorporated as a visual communication tool into the remote medical care support system. The ‘perinatal period medical care support system’ supports pregnant patients living on isolated islands or in remote locations until they give birth safely.
Deciding factors – Simple operation that can lighten the operation and management burdens on users
– Can be used without dedicated plugins or special network set-up
– Reliable technical support after set-up
– Sharing of electronic medical records and linkage with images from ultrasonic image diagnostic systems

Outcomes – It has been proved that image diagnosis and advisory support can be provided in a manner similar to face-to face-consultations, and various risks can be avoided to the maximum extent possible.
– The condition of mothers and babies can be monitored continuously by medical specialists. By monitoring the AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index) specifically, the precision of medical examinations has been improved.
– Further enhancement of the medical care system in the region can be expected.
– Significant effects have been observed in the reduction of the burden on pregnant patients regarding pre-natal medical examinations (long-distance travel to medical institutions).