Client Solution NAMA Foundation
V-CUBE LMS (on cloud) and V-CUBE DCM: Hybrid Learning
Project details NAMA Foundation, a non-profit organization, has been using V-CUBE LMS to provide education programs to empower education sector and civil communities throughout the world. V-CUBE LMS is the common learning platform for both trainers and learners to interact, learn and grow together.

V-CUBE LMS and DCM is currently accessible by learners and trainers from across the globe like in Indonesia, Tanzania, Lebanon, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan and Malaysia.
How did it help? V-CUBE LMS and DCM helps trainer interaction and learner collaboration. Learners find it easy to connect to other learners and trainers online and exchange views, participate in discussions and engage in forums. Their connectivity with trainers is improved due to time flexibility and online support rendered by trainers. On-boarding rate and user experiences are enhanced due to the multiple engagement through the hybrid learning platform