V-CUBE EventIn is is an online event platform where you can ask individual questions and discuss business with participants. Like a traditional real event, you can discover participants, exchange contacts, and exhibit at booths, creating new encounters.

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    • Lecture

      One-to-N keynote speeches and distribution by multiple panelists can be held in parallel. Viewers’ remarks by raising their hands and anonymous Q & A by chat are also possible.

    • Individual business talks / interviews / questions

      After the lecture, you can ask questions individually with the speakers, or you can hold business talks and interviews separately for each company. You can also hold a business meeting where you can move to a predetermined room and hold a business talk.

    • Searching for participants and exchanging contacts

      You can find companies and participants and exchange contacts. In addition, you can listen to company presentations and standing stories as you pass by, and you can create new encounters like a real venue.

    • Exhibition / business negotiation booth

      You can set up a booth for each company, give lectures for each company, and hold questions, business talks, and interviews with participants. You can freely set the booth size and display position.

    • Creating a world view of the event

      You can customize the layout and design of the venue and create a world view to liven up the event. It can be provided with a 2D easy-to-understand UI that is not affected by the IT literacy of participants.

    • Acquisition of attribute / behavior data

      Not only you can get the attribute data of the participants, but you can also get the data of the actions taken during the event, so you will be able to provide more detailed data to the exhibiting companies.

For more information on V-Cube EventIn- Go to :  https://www.vcube.com/service/eventin